Ban Appeal Format and Guidelines

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Ban Appeal Format and Guidelines

Post by TyLORD on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:59 pm

To attempt to get yourself unbanned, you must follow the format and guidelines, so please read them carefully.


  1. You must follow the forum rules.
  2. You must be professional about this report.
  3. You may not post another ban appeal if it has been denied.
    Permanent: If you've been denied to be unbanned and your ban duration is permanent, you must wait one calendar month to appeal again.
    Temporary: If you've been denied to be unbanned and your ban duration is temporary, you may not appeal again, and must wait your ban out. If you feel that you've been banned for an improper reason OR you've been banned for a harsh amount of time, take it up in the admin abuse section.
  4. You may not bump your report.
  5. You must have a poll question set up to be as follows:
    Title: Support
    Option one: +Support
    Option two: -Support
  6. You must follow the format.


Steam Name:
Forum Name:
Steam ID:
Ban reason:
Ban duration:
Where are you banned? (Chat, Forums, Group, etc.):
Why do you want to be unbanned?:
=-=-=-=-=-=Admin that banned you=-=-=-=-=-=
Administrator Steam Name:
Administrator Forum Name:
Administrator SteamID:
Director of Administrative Personnel

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